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Cancellation/ Refund Policy :

Payment policy:

All the payments received are received through a payment gateway and Ishita's Language Tuitions is not liable for any transaction, which does not get processed because of an error on part of the payment gateway.


Payment Received :

Payment is said to be received by Ishita's Language Tuitions when it is notified by payment gateway to Ishita's Language Tuitions. Usually it is notified immediately as soon as a transaction is successful.


Refund :

There is no refund on the amount received by Ishita's Language Tuitions under any circumstances. Students are advised to be careful while selecting the batch. Students should respect that when a student takes admission in a batch, Ishita's Language Tuitions allots the batch to a student and it is subsequently not possible for Ishita's Language Tuitions to refund such amounts, under ANY circumstances.


Non – Transferable / Non - Freezable :

Any fees received is non – transferable from one student to another or/and non - freezable for another date.


Transfer of batch :

Transfers are not allowed. An exception can be made and any such transfer is solely on discretion of Ishita's Language Tuitions with the relevant transfer charges.


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